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State Rep. Lindsey LaPointe:

Serving Our Community and Fighting for Illinois

It's an Honor to Serve

Dear Friends, 

I’m proud to represent you and your family as the new State Representative for the 19th District in the Illinois House. I am a social worker by training and at heart, and I’ve spent recent years in public policy, state government, and community work. 

I am originally from Maine where my mom was a social worker and my dad worked in politics. The values they instilled in me – like compassion, service, and using our short time on earth to improve our communities – are so core to who I am that I don’t know any other way to be. My mom worked hard running a single-parent household during my teenage years and she passed away from cancer two weeks after I graduated college, plunging me into adulthood at 22. I was devastated, but awed by her support network and her impact on the world. 

At my mom’s service, a woman named Tracy spontaneously spoke. She was a former foster care client from my mom’s social work days in the 80s and she spoke of the life-changing impact my mom’s compassion had on her. Through my grief, sitting at my mom’s service at age 22, I was floored and forever changed by this stranger’s words. 

From that day forward, I have seen every moment as an opportunity to make someone’s life better and to improve our communities – through social work, changing laws, and community building. Soon after that, I started my first post-college job as a counselor for kids with special needs. Fifteen years later I’m here in the 19th District, still driven by those same values of compassion and service.

I am committed to building a stronger Illinois and middle class. That means fairer taxes, more accessible and affordable health care, property tax relief for local homeowners and better education for all of our students.

Thank you,



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