Rep. LaPointe and Rep. Ramirez Pass SB3066 in the House

In great news for renters, homeowners and small landlords across the state, tonight we passed our emergency housing legislation, SB3066, off the House floor (Senate action to come). In a moment of concurrent public health, employment, and governmental crises, our residents need housing security more than ever. Thanks to the ringleader in the House, State Representative Delia Ramirez, and to State Senator Ram Villivalam and Senator Robert Peters, who have pulled out all the stops, legislating and negotiating for days and over the holidays with stakeholders to reach complex compromises. Most importantly, housing advocates and lawyers from the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing and Housing Action Illinois played a life blood role in this bill.
This bill creates critical protections for those facing eviction during the pandemic, it creates clear guidelines to make sure those most in need receive Emergency Rental Assistance, and it institutes a foreclosure moratorium so that families will not lose their homes.