Community New Arrivals Update

Over the past year, about 12,000 New Arrivals to the United States have been bussed into Chicago, triggering a migrant crisis as the city struggles to accommodate our new neighbors. Around Chicago, a number of city shelters have opened to house New Arrivals, but many are temporarily living in Police Station lobbies and airports until new shelter slots open up. This is an incredibly challenging situation for everyone involved. 

On the far Northwest side, New Arrivals have lived at both the City’s Wright College Shelter and the 16th District Police Station. 

Operational from June 2023 – August 2023, Wilbur Wright College provided around 400 beds, laundry and shower access, meals, and supportive services for new arrival families. During Wright’s tenure, Representative Lindsey LaPointe’s office – in partnership with Senator Martwick’s team – supported residents by collecting and distributing donations, writing a letter to city officials highlighting living concerns, touring the facility, acting as a liaison between grassroots volunteers and city officials, and maintaining constant contact with the city asking questions and advocating for greater support. As of August 1st, 2023, all migrants have been moved out of Wilbur Wright College and are currently located in American Islamic College out of the district.

As of mid-August, New Arrivals are still living in the 16th District Police Station lobby, in addition to other stations across the City. Representative Lindsey LaPointe’s team, along with Senator Martwick’s Team, has continually supported New Arrivals and volunteers by donating hot meals to all residents of the station when needed and communicating with volunteers about specific needs within the station.

Our team is incredibly grateful to the community leaders who have stepped up to meet people’s human needs during this human rights crisis. We will continue to do the short and long-term work to meet human needs. 


Below are helpful links and information for anyone looking to get involved in supporting New Arrivals: 


Volunteering & Advocacy 


16th Police District Station Response Team 

Beyond the Lobby – Northside Migrant Volunteer and Advocacy Network

American Islamic College Migrant Shelter Support:  

General City Volunteer/Service Interest Form: 


Donations (fact sheets attached below)


16th Police District Station

Monetary Donations for Food

Instituto del Progreso Latino

City Support Networks:

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If you are a Landlord interested in renting to New Arrivals: 

  • Contact Marie Jochum with Catholic Charities at


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