Representative LaPointe Stands Up for Bike Safety

Like so many others in our community, I have been deeply affected by the tragic deaths and injuries of cyclists and pedestrians in the neighborhood and across the city. In the last month, we have lost three residents to preventable accidents, one of which was 16-year-old Joshua Anleu, a student at Carl Schurz High School. On November 4th I stood alongside Josh’s family, community leaders and Bike Lane Uprising at his Ghost Bike Vigil, where we not only celebrated his life, but also promised one another to do more to prevent these tragedies. It’s simple: everyone deserves safe streets. To that end, I was proud to cosponsor HR 0438, a resolution introduced by Rep. Kam Buckner, which would transform DuSable Lake Shore Drive and our greater lakefront into truly pedestrian-friendly greenspace, for residents and cyclists to enjoy safely. 

I know firsthand – from myself, from dear friends, and from so many neighbors I meet on the far Northwest Side – what it means to lose money, a job, and worst of all a loved one, to a hit-and-run or another tragic accident. Cyclists and pedestrians alike deserve to be safe and secure as we all navigate our roads. We must continue to practice safety and vigilance ourselves – whether driving or biking – as well as advocate for common-sense solutions that expand safe transit options, accurately track crash data, and provide support in the face of tragedy.

Please check out this Tribune article for more coverage of the event in honor of Joshua Anleu: