“Care Over Cost” Healthcare Town Hall Touches on Claims Denials and Inaccessibility

On February 17th, our office joined Senator Martwick, Representative Guzzardi, the Department of Insurance, and The People’s Lobby in hosting a “Care Over Cost” Healthcare Town Hall, where we delved into private insurance (i.e., commercial insurance) claims denials and the general inaccessibility of accessing care even when you do have insurance. We saw an incredible turnout of residents passionate about making healthcare equitable for all.

Although navigating the private insurance industry can get tricky, we’re hoping to ease some of this difficulty in the near future with upcoming legislation that creates more access to healthcare, including mental healthcare. Thank you to the IL Department of Insurance for providing some resources as well for those stuck in a difficult place with their insurance. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, check out this presentation for more information.