LaPointe & Martwick Respond to Jefferson Park Swastika Vandalism

CHICAGO State Rep. Lindsey LaPointe, DChicago, and State Sen. Robert
Martwick, DChicago, issued the following statement in response to the recent
defacement of Jefferson Park businesses with swastika imagery:

“There is absolutely zero place for hate speech in our community, and
whoever committed these acts deserves to be held accountable.

“The rise in antiSemitic and white supremacist behavior in recent years has
been emboldened by a toxic national rhetoric that has incubated real harm to
real people. There is no place for this poisonous behavior in our home
community, and it is on all of us to step up and call it out.

“Our country’s strength is found in its diversity and of the unique
backgrounds, identities and experiences of the people who choose to live here
aspects that are the foundation of Jefferson Park. We stand with the
impacted residents of Jefferson Park, and will continue to work to make this
community a safe and inclusive place for ALL who live and work here.”