Rep. LaPointe promotes local jobs program for young people with disabilities

Over the past month, State Representative LaPointe has been visiting various NW side chambers of commerce to promote Project Wright Access, a new workforce development program for 18-24 year old’s with disabilities. Funded by a 2-year $300,000 job training and economic development grant from the state of Illinois, Wright Access provides critical support to 30+ young people with disabilities by providing them with high quality job training and career guidance. Meanwhile, it also provides local businesses with well trained candidates for starting positions, as well as access to special tax credits.

Several organizations are working together collaboratively to see this project through. Wright College, the principal lead of the Wright Access Project, is recruiting, training and guiding the 30+ young students towards permanent employment. Eli’s Cheesecake is the lead business providing job training and potential employment. Lastly, the Jacqueline B. Vaughn Occupational High School and Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences are both collaborating in the planning and coordination of the project.

For more information on the Wright Access Project, please visit:

Businesses interested in participating in this groundbreaking initiative should contact: Noel McNally, Project Wright Access Program Director at

Representative Lindsey LaPointe alongside Wright Access Project Director and former Vaughn High School Principal, Noel McNally at the Portage Park Chamber’s Joint Networking Breakfast on August 23.

Representative Lindsey LaPointe at the Harwood Heights-Norridge Chamber’s Networking Luncheon on September 13.

Representative Lindsey LaPointe at Jefferson Park Chamber’s meeting on September 8.