Rep. LaPointe and Staff Featured in the Chicago Sun-Times

Today, Rep. LaPointe and her Chief of Staff were featured in the Chicago Sun-Times discussing what the last seven months have looked like for constituents of the 19th district and their office. The article focused primarily on the struggles constituents have had navigating the state unemployment system, accessing rent and mortgage relief, and issues of food insecurity, among other things. Rep. LaPointe and her staff member, Jessica Genova, shared stories from district residents to expose the weaknesses of the state’s social safety net and demonstrate how this public health and economic crises has hit every household differently.

“The calls come daily to state Rep. Lindsey LaPointe’s office on the Northwest Side from people who need help navigating the state bureaucracy. They call about unemployment benefits, housing assistance, and food stamps. They call about utility bills, problems with state licenses and support for their small businesses. Many of the callers these days are in tears, not knowing where to turn. Some can’t pay the rent. Others are worried about feeding their families.”

Read the full Sun-Times column here